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National Field Network tracks properties that require inspections– without needing to remember to place an order. We can cycle inspections based on the Lenders specific requirements. The Lender/Servicer will be notified immediately if there is a change in the condition of the property so immediate action can be taken reducing the risk of damage to the collateral. Information fields can be customized based on the specific business rules determined by the Lender/Servicer.  

Occupancy Verification

Exterior Inspections

Following a visual inspection, photos and key data elements are relayed in real time to the Lender/Servicer. This unique approach eliminates days of waiting to allow the Servicer to secure/maintain the property immediately in the event of a vacancy determination.

Interior Inspections

Interior inspections on vacant and secured properties are conducted as often as is required by the Investor/Insurers.  A visual walk-through report, complete with photographs, is immediately transmitted to the Lender/Servicer so corrective actions can begin.

Property Notification

If a property falls outside “Real Property” (ie. Mobile or manufactured home), National Field Network inspectors will classify and flag the property, provide decision-making details such as affixed to ground, and provide any national identification.

Loss Draft Inspections

National Field Network inspectors are trained to determine the extent of any damage and if the repairs are being made appropriately and timely.  A copy of the repair estimate is provided to our trained network. The inspector coordinates an onsite inspection to ensure disbursed insurance proceeds are being properly used to repair the collateral.

Borrower Interview Service 

The Borrower Interview Service is fully customized to meet your needs – as well as to follow Investor/Insurer guidelines regarding contacting the borrower. One attempt is completed to obtain right party contact with the borrower.  A full detail report of the collateral and the interview is provided.

National Field Network’s Borrower Interview Service includes the following industry standard questions:

Ø  Inspector will obtain the following information by interviewing the borrower:

o    Attitude of the borrower (cooperative, uncooperative, hostile, indifferent)

o    Reason for default

o    Source of income and frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, other)

o    Is occupant (if not the borrower) paying rent?  If yes to whom and how much?

o    Is occupant interested in cash for keys?

o    Expected move out date?

o    Do you plan on making any payments, if so when?


Ø  Inspector will relay Servicer/Lender service information e.g. “Please contact your servicer at 888-888-8888 between the hours of 8am and 9pm CST”

Ø  Inspector will also provide general information regarding the condition of the property including if the property is vacant.

Ø  If no contact is made, the inspector will leave the Interview form for the borrower that includes the contact information for the Servicer.


National Field Network’s standard form is customizable to include any questions not listed above.  If a more detailed interview is required, please inquire about our Borrower Outreach Program.

Other Inspections 

Today’s economy is a fluid one, and new regulations and situations may call for out-of-the-box thinking in order to be both proactive and reactive. National Field Network will work with you to customize any inspection necessary to meet your business objectives.


Deed In lieu Inspections

National Field Network inspectors can meet with mortgagors – prior to and during deed in lieu of foreclosure transfer of title. Inspectors certify the property condition, including whether appliances remain at property, whether debris has been removed and whether utilities have been maintained. All supporting documents are automatically transferred electronically.



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