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Our nationwide network of representatives ensures that each vacant property is protected & reported on a timely basis. Armed with Smart Phones tied into  National Field Network’s field servicing platform, each inspector can file real-time property condition reports to your desk, with photos, to foster immediate corrective action.

Securing Against Vandals & Weather

National Field Network changes locks to the property in accordance with Lender/Servicer requirements. These include: master key lock, lockbox installation or deadbolt lock installation, boarding or re-glazing broken windows.

In addition to securing against vandals, National Field Network communicates to you all properties at risk from seasonal weather or imminent weather alerts.

  • Imminent Weather Alerts – When the National Weather Services issues an alert, our system will identify and notify you of all properties in that area allowing you to take precautionary actions, such as preparing for Hurricanes, making sure sump-pumps are in working order, etc.  


Winterization Services


All properties will be prepared in accordance with Lender/Servicer established rules and guidelines. These services include: disconnecting the water meter, clearing the lines, installing non toxic antifreeze in traps and commodes and winterizing the boiler heating system.


Remediating Environmental & Code Violations

National Field Network inspectors are trained professionals that are familiar with code enforcement rules and regulations throughout the nation. National Field Network monitors pending or issued violations on all properties inspected and will work with contractors to correct and satisfy any issues.


Clean-Up, Yard Maintenance & Debris Removal

National Field Network has a nationwide network of experienced professionals that are on call to provide lawn care, yard clean-up, debris removal, snow removal and to have the property ready for conveyance.  All contractors are familiar with the guidelines and timeframes of Investor/Insurer rules for disposition.

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