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Borrower Outreach Program

National Field Network’s Borrower Outreach Program is designed to give Lenders an option prior to sending the file to Foreclosure and possible REO status. As part of our ongoing mission to provide the highest quality service and standards in the industry, National Field Network is proud that all of our inspectors are fully trained in all the nuances in communicating with mortgagors on your behalf, and in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA).

Ø  3 attempts to reach the borrower will be performed at different times of the day, on various days of the week (Lender can change the minimum and maximum number of attempts made)

Ø  Service includes a total of 2 date and time stamped photos of subject property documenting each attempt

Ø  Customizable Borrower Outreach Form

Ø  Warm “hand-off” to collections department representative can be coordinated when the inspector makes contact

Ø  Information regarding the mind-set of the occupant can be reported (i.e, are they interested in a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, cash for keys, or Modification)

Ø  Modification packages or Deed in Lieu packages can be hand-delivered

Ø  Written instructions as directed by Lender can be left for the borrower if no contact is made



The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA), was enacted by the FTC in 1978 to ward against unprofessional, abusive and coercive techniques when communicating with delinquent borrower. The rules were designed for debt collectors – but when professionals such as National Field Network's inspectors, go out on behalf of the lien-holder to communicate with borrowers, the application of the act becomes murky.

As a result, National Field Network has invoked the policy that all inspectors handling Borrower Outreach for our clients must be trained and certified of having knowledge of the FDCPA. Following the completion of the material, the participants take a 50-question exam. Students scoring 80% and above receive a FDCPA proficiency certificate. Only trained, certified inspectors are approved to work for National Field Network.


FHA Mailers

National Field Network will mail a written document to FHA borrowers in default five days prior to the dispatch of an inspector to these properties.  The intent is to follow the HUD guidelines and ensure the inspection is claimable on the 27011 part B as a reimbursable expense.  All documentation to ensure the expense is an allowed reimbursement will be managed by National Field Network.

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